Quick Start


Dependencies :

  • python2.x
  • C++
  • Boost C++ (optional) with the program_options lib only.

The build system for this library is Waf. Don’t run away yet. It has the big advantage of requiring no more than Python installed on your computer. If you run a GNU/Linux OS or Mac OS, you should already have it. Here is how we compile and install it:

  1. configuration

    run ./waf configure and add --prefix PATH/TO/INSTALL if you want to install it to a specific location

  2. compilation

    is as easy as ./waf

  3. installation

    is simply done with ./waf install, with the required rights (might need sudo if you install globally)

  4. setup the proper authorisation

    please ensure that you have the proper rights to access the serial interfaces. On GNU/Linux, you might have to add your user to the dialout group and log out.

For more options and troubleshooting, see the Compilation tutorial.

Command line utility

You get the dynamixel command line utility compiled in the build/src folder.


the get-speed command gives you the reference speed used in the control table (if any) and not the current rotational speed of the actuator.

To run the command line utility run the following from the root of the repo:

./build/src/tools/dynamixel COMMAND [options]

For a quick overview of the commands and options available check the quick start for the tool. Type ./build/src/tools/dynamixel -h for the (detailed) help message of the utility.