Building the documentation


This section is only useful for developers who need to update the documentation.

We use:

  • Sphinx <> for generating the documentation
  • Doxygen <> to extract information from the source code
  • Breathe to link Sphinx and doxygen
  • sphinx-versioning (custom version) to generate a documentation for every version / branch

Install sphinx via pip:

sudo pip install Sphinx
sudo pip install sphinxcontrib-bibtex
sudo pip install breathe
sudo pip install git+


On Mac OSX, do not use brew install sphinx because this is not the right sphinx


For Python 3, use pip3 instead of pip

Install the Resibots theme for Sphinx:

git clone
export SPHINX_RESIBOTS_THEME="/home/me/path/to/sphinx_resibots_theme"

Install doxygen via your package manager (e.g. apt-get / brew):

apt-get install doxygen

In the main limbo directory:

./waf docs
About sphinx and ReStructuredText: