Download and Compilation


To get dynamixel_control_hw, simply clone the source code from with git.


Don’t forget to clone it into your catkin_workspace directory cd $HOME/catkin_ws/src .



You need to store the installation path of libdynamixel in your environment variable inside your ~/.bashrc file export LIBDYNAMIXEL=/home/USER/Resibots .

ROS Dependencies :

  • catkin

  • rospy

  • roscpp

  • urdf

  • std_msgs

  • message_generation

  • hardware_interface

  • combined_robot_hw

  • controller_manager

  • ros-controllers

  • joint-state-publisher:

    apt-get install ros-kinetic-catkin ros-kinetic-rospy ros-kinetic-roscpp ros-kinetic-urdf ros-kinetic-std-msgs ros-kinetic-message-generation ros-kinetic-hardware-interface ros-kinetic-combined-robot-hw ros-kinetic-controller-manager ros-kinetic-ros-controllers ros-kinetic-joint-state-publisher


The build system for this package is catkin . Don’t run away yet. Here is how we compile and install it :


don’t forget to install ROS kinetic before and libdynamixel .

  1. Clone

    simply clone the package dynamixel_control_hw in our catkin workspace source folder

    cd $HOME/catkin_ws/src
    git clone
  2. Compilation

    go into our workspace directory, then compile

    cd ..

Building the documentation


This section is only useful for developers who need to update the documentation.

Install sphinx via pip:

sudo pip install Sphinx
sudo pip install sphinxcontrib-bibtex


On Mac OSX, do not use brew install sphinx because this is not the right sphinx

Install the Resibots theme for Sphinx:

git clone
export SPHINX_RESIBOTS_THEME="/home/me/path/to/sphinx_resibots_theme"

Install breathe via pip:

sudo pip install breathe

Install doxygen via your package manager (e.g. apt-get / brew):

apt-get install doxygen

create a temporary folder where we generate the documentation:

rm -rf /tmp/doc_dynamixel_control_hw
mkdir /tmp/doc_dynamixel_control_hw
cd /tmp/doc_dynamixel_control_hw
git clone
cd dynamixel_control_hw/
git checkout doc
cd doc
make html
git checkout gh-pages
cd ..
cp -r doc/_build/html/* .
git add .
git commit -m 'manualy update of the doc [skip ci]'
git push origin gh-pages
rm -rf /tmp/doc_dynamixel_control_hw


in general, we’re using the branch doc to write the documentation and the branch gh-pages which contains html files.

About sphinx and ReStructuredText: