Quick Start


Dependencies :


You need to store the installation path of libdynamixel in your environment variable inside your ~/.bashrc file export LIBDYNAMIXEL=/home/USER/Resibots .

ROS Dependencies :

  • catkin
  • rospy
  • roscpp
  • urdf
  • std_msgs
  • message_generation
  • hardware_interface
  • combined_robot_hw
  • controller_manager
  • ros-controllers
  • joint-state-publisher


The build system for this package is catkin . Don’t run away yet. Here is how we compile and install it :


don’t forget to install ROS kinetic before

  1. Clone

    simply clone the package dynamixel_control_hw into your catkin workspace source directory.

    cd $HOME/catkin_ws/src
    git clone https://github.com/resibots/dynamixel_control_hw.git
  2. Compilation

    go into our workspace directory, then compile.

    cd ..
  3. Have fun

    Now, dynamixel_control_hw package should be correctly installed.

for more options and troubleshooting, see the Compilation tutorial