Libdynamixel’s documentation


libdynamixel is a C++11 library for the Dynamixel actuators. Its goals are to be fast and to work with most Dynamixels, including the Dynamixel Pro actuators.

This library comes with a command line utility that can, among other things, be very convenient for the configuration of your actuators.


  • supports Dynamixel series AX, MX, EX, XL and Pro
  • supports all instructions and messages of both version 1 and 2 of the Dynamixel communication protocol
  • full C++11 api
    • template-based API for fast and low-level access
    • class-based unified API abstracting away the differences between the actuators (as long as they use the same Dynamixel protocol).

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If you need some help, feel free to fill an issue on this repository. We’ll do our best to be responsive.

License and authors

This work is distributed under the terms of the CeCILL-C license. © UPMC and INRIA.

The authors for this library are Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Antoine Cully, Federico Allocati and Dorian Goepp.