Dynamixel ROS Control


dynamixel_control_hw is a high-performance ROS control package for Dynamixel actuators (ROBOTIS ).

ROS control is a framework for control loops in ROS where the controller code is decoupled from the actual hardware interface.

Dynamixel is a range of all-in-one actuators (motor, gearbox, control board, PID, etc.) addressed through a RS-485 bus, which are very popular in robotics.


  • simple, ROS-style control interface for your dynamixel-based robot
  • not specific to a given number or set of actuators
  • position and velocity control
  • works with both version of Dynamixel protocol (1 and 2)
  • uses radians uniformly over all Dynamixel models (no need to worry about ticks-to-angle conversion)
  • you can set an offset for each actuator’s position
  • set names for your dynamixels in a configuration file
  • joint limits


ROS control overview

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License and authors

This work is distributed under the terms of the CeCILL-C license. © INRIA.

The authors for this library are Dorian Goepp, Eloïse Dalin and Pierre Desreumaux.